Jay Connaughton is an award-winning innovation expert and a sought-after speaker. As a proven brand-builder with a wide range of experience in both corporate and political brands Jay is an entertaining and in-demand speaker.

Jay has a reputation for a positive, inspirational leadership style and an ability to generate ideas and connections that accelerate creativity. He has made presentations to groups large and small across the nation addressing some of the most successful business/marketing campaigns he has helped to create and explaining how to unleash the creative spirit in your company.

Jay can also speak to the latest trends in advertising, marketing, consumer engagement, digital, mobile and social marketing, consumer and business intelligence and even research and product development.

Jay leads People Who Think, an advertising agency with three core divisions: Innovative Advertising, Innovative Politics and Fridge. The Louisiana-based agency was named one of the fastest growing ad agencies in the nation by Inc Magazine. Jay has also served as Presidential Media Advisor and has worked on many major campaigns over the last 20 years. His creative strategies have helped shape and win elections nationwide.