Stress Awareness Month: Eliminating stress in the workplace one lego at a time

Posted on April 6, 2022

In a post-COVID-19 world where the team is once again collaborating creative concepts in person, dopamine levels are at an all-time high. We are all excited to make human contact, and we are even happier to not partake in those awkward exchanges, “Daryl, you’re still on mute.”

Though meeting together again is sparking much joy, it sadly does not eliminate the stress that is commonly felt in the workplace. During the month of April, we are focusing on Stress Awareness Month and discussing the 3 steps we use to help create a stress-free office.

Step 1: Add an element of fun – like legos!

Nestled in the center of our offices here at People Who Think is our conference room. Just outside of the big barn doors leading into our conference space is a living room setup equipped with board games, a dartboard, and a plush couch. This is the perfect area to unwind and de-stress, creating a feeling of coziness paired with a tinge of childhood nostalgia. Once you enter the conference room, you’ll find baskets of legos on the table. According to Google’s HCI researchers, people are better at managing attention and emotions through physical activity alongside daily desk work.

Step 2: Celebrate every birthday like it’s a national holiday

Incorporating inclusivity decreases anxiety and depression according to studies by the American Psychological Association. Reminding each team member they matter means taking action behind the words. Making birthdays a big to do means everyone in the office gets to choose their own birthday theme. We then celebrate them in a big way surrounding that theme. For example, there might be a donuts and chocolate milk party, a snow cone extravaganza (or what we call in Louisiana, a snoball), or cookie craze. Their birthday is meaningful, thoughtful, and over the top. Each team member is celebrated just as they should be – like they’re family.

Step 3: Dream big, win big

The feeling of self-worth in a business promotes a winning attitude from team members which is better than any trophy or title. But we know one thing is for sure, a winning attitude sparks passion, passion sparks limitless creativity, and creativity sparks big wins in the advertising world.

With 160 awards on display and counting, our successful team members have taken their talents to new heights. The advertising industry has also honored our members on a personal basis by recognizing six members with the Ad Persons of the Year Award.

The takeaway is this: The desire to dream big and put in extra work is often created in an environment that works to reduce stress.